Maricopa County Property Appraiser

Maricopa County Property Appraiser

Maricopa County’s #1 Appraisal Company, Offering Real Estate Appraisals, Divorce & Mediation Appraisals, Estate Appraisals, and More!

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Maricopa County Property Appraiser Company

Maricopa County Property Appraiser has been the leading appraisal company in Maricopa County, Arizona for the past 40+ years. Our team specializes in a multitude of appraisal services that we offer, meaning we are experts in all of them.

Our mission statement is to provide our clients with the most accurate, timely, and reliable appraisals, all while remaining non-biased and independent. We work with a wide variety of clients, including individual homeowners, attorneys, realtors, lenders, and more.

If you’re looking for the best and most reliable Maricopa County property appraiser, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today to receive a free quote or to order an appraisal.

Maricopa County Property Appraiser

What We Specialize In

Maricopa County Property Appraiser Services

Real Estate Appraisal

Learn the true value of your real estate with our real estate appraisal services. We look into various things, such as square footage, upgrades and renovations, and more.

Divorce & Mediation Appraisal

Divorce and mediation appraisals determine a home’s value during a divorce. This is important for splitting profits or losses from a sale, determining a buy-out amount, and more.

Luxury Property Appraisal

If you have a larger-than-normal home or a unique layout, our luxury property appraisal services are right for you. We take actual measurements of the layout, as well as several other factors into consideration to get an accurate value on the property.

Home Measurement Appraisal

Our home measurement appraisal services determine the actual size, or gross living area, of your home using the ANSI Standard Measurement. These are often understated when estimates are used so your property could be worth a lot more!

Tax Assessment Appeals Appraisal

If you believe you are paying too much in property taxes because your home may be overvalued, contact us today for our tax assessment appeals appraisals.

PMI Removal Appraisal

Our PMI removal appraisals will determine if you’ve accumulated at least 20% of equity in your property so you can stop paying unnecessary taxes!

Estate & Date of Death Appraisal

Get a true valuation of an estate’s assets for peace of mind or for financial reasons. Our estate and date of death appraisals are very timely.

Pre-Listing & Pre-Purchase Appraisal

Real estate professionals and individuals use our pre-listing and pre-purchase appraisal valuations before putting a home on the market. Our appraisals will gear you towards the most realistic value for your home!

FSBO Appraisals

Much like the pre-listing appraisals, our FSBO appraisals help the homeowner understand their home’s true value, based on their square footage and other similar market factors.

Financial Planning & Trusts Appraisal

Financial planning and trusts determine values for assets in single or multiple portfolios. These can include real property and personal property.

Pre-Foreclosure & Short Sales Appraisals

Pre-foreclosure and short sales appraisals can be used by lenders and borrowers. Our appraisals can help alleviate the financial stress of foreclosure situations

Bankruptcy Appraisal

Bankruptcy appraisals are used in bankruptcy cases to properly value your home. The valuation can dictate whether you are eligible to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

Appraisal Consulting

Our appraisal consulting services are catered towards individuals and attorneys who need expertise for discoveries, despositions, and trials.

Rush Appraisal

Need your appraisal in a hurry? Our rush appraisal services can have an eligible appraisal to you within 48 hours. Call today to find out eligibility and pricing.

Expert Witness Testimony

We have decades of experience in courtroom settings. We are no stranger to testifying in court, explaining our methodologies and how we derived our valuations for appraisal cases.

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